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IMAGE TRANSFORMATION Masterclass: Group Image Coaching

Price : $250.00 / 4 sessions

We are excited to introduce Group Image Coaching sessions. All 4 sessions of this “IMAGE TRANSFORMATION Masterclass” will target a different part of Personal development and transformation to help you become the best version of yourself.
All 4 Sessions will be hosted every Saturday between May 22nd- June12th, 2021.

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Our 4 week group sessions are available starting May 9th, 2021 every Sunday.

Price : $200/ 4 sessions.

Use the PROMO CODE “Blush30” to get $30 off. Promo code applicable to the first 10 bookings only.

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Price : $30$20

Hi Blushers, Here’s a set of my MOST EFFECTIVE FACE SYMMETRY Face Exercise guide. Here, you will find, not just exercises to create better facial symmetry but also understand your specific facial symmetry issue, fix your lifestyle mistakes, tips to correct your face yoga exercise forms and multiple care tips for strengthening weak muscles on your specific face.

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Price : $30

Transform your most powerful communication tool, BODY LANGUAGE! In this session you will learn to create an impression that you choose to. Confident body language puts the power in your hands to appear delicate or powerful.

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Eye Exercises and Eye Massage Techniques

Price : $29.99$20

Hi Blushers, Here’s a set of my MOST EFFECTIVE 21 Eye exercises Program, 7 Eye massage techniques and multiple eye care tips for strengthening the delicate skin around your eyes.
These exercises will target wrinkles, dryness, saggy hooded eyes, puffy eyes, skin thinning, blood circulation, hollow eyes and blood pooling to give you the appearance of more tighter, firmer and youthful eyes.

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Lip Rejuvination with Face Yoga

Price : $20

Face yoga exercises are extremely effective in Strengthening your face muscles, improving blood circulation and reducing wrinkles from face. This set of extremely effective exercises are designed to Naturally make your lips fuller, reduce the droopiness on the corners of your mouth, reduce lip wrinkles, decrease your philtrum and improve the texture of your lips giving you more youthful lips… all non- invasive.
This is your 90 days access to practice every day with me.

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