“Guys this really works I’ve been doing it for over a week, my cheek bones became more defined and my face became more slimmer than ever. Everyone who is doubting whether its true or not it works trust me!

Note: do it twice a day.

recently i added the fish face yoga it will help slimming your face.

As 15 days has passed the results are amazing my low cheek bones became more defined and my chubby cheeks disappeared my face became more slimmer and healthier. For those who don’t like slim face don’t do this workout.”

Lizzy burt

“I’ve been doing this for a few months and I can definitely see a difference!!! I would probably see more results if I did this more consistently but it DOES WORK!!! “


“Who’s trying to have a glow up in the Coronavirus 4 weeks holidays?

Hey so I have done this for about a month. So far and the results are clear. But I didn’t do it everyday because I couldn’t be asked 😅😂 if you do this everyday then your results will be bomb.

2 months done and the exercises are very easy for me so I am doing it with water in my mouth and I doing them for a little longer.🧡

Literally skipped this month 😅”

Izzati Che Harris

“I SWEAR YOU GUYS THIS ROUTINE REALLY WORKS! I’m not kidding I used to have a double chin but after trying this workout for like a week or two weeks my friends told me that my face has gotten slimmer and I have a jawline now.”