“Working with Parmita as my image coach was a very powerful experience. During our image coaching session and photo shoot, people walked up to me asking if i was a model. I’m not. I’m a doctor and i’v never even had my photos taken before. I feel like a new person.”


“Working on improving your image is as important as any Academics and Education in any field.. Growing up,I was never taught to love myself. If anything, i constantly judged myself and lived a very insecure life till i got to work with Blush with me as my Image coach. She changed my Mindset, Confidence and style.”

Clara Maria Garcia

“I’ve just found your channel – this video is so educational! You make everything seem so natural, comfortable and simply logical. We are inspired to imitate you. You are a great teacher!”

Katie Kawaii

“Considering how many of these kinds of videos I’ve seen, I was shocked by how useful this was. Like 100% more useful than any other video I’ve seen. Thorough, perfect examples, amazing. ❤️”

Mariah Sinclair

“I used these poses when dealing with a new client and found myself feeling not only powerful but beautiful. He reacted perfectly and didn’t put up nearly the resistance I had imagined.”

Kritika jain

“Actually hard to impress someone by posing ….but you make it so simple someone who practice like that …no one can underestimate that person…..!!”


“Her points are amazing, I changed my image to a more confident and high value woman.”


“U never know how much difference u made in me through this channel… I could see positive response and respect in my professional and personal life.. I learnt a lot from you.. pls keep Posting .. Love you a lot 😘❤️”


“Amazing. Best confidence videos I’ve ever watched. Thank you!”