Hi, I’m Parmita Katkar. And i welcome you to know me and to understand my photography at “Blush with me photography”. First and foremost, I am a full time mother of two. I also am a wife to a man who I couldn’t do it all without. As a photographer, I offer you the finest natural light portrait photography to capture little things you want to remember forever, long after that moment has passed.

Why choose me as your photographer?” …because I know how it feels to have your picture taken. As an ex Miss India Asia pacific who has enjoyed limelight for a longtime in the field of modeling, acting and as a talk show host, I used to hate it when photographers never said a thing to me on set, no direction, nothing. It is an intimate experience, and therefore, it should be collaborative. I understand how to make the subject feel relaxed, how to direct you to pose within your comfort zone or sometimes to bring you out of your comfort zone without feeling awkward. We work together and we have a lot of fun while creating art.
Children’s eyes are like an open window and that means i can enter right into their soul and capture their true personality. Now, this usually happens in their comfort zone, in the surrounding they are comfortable with, like their favorite toys. if you don’t want them to pose artificially then why put them under artificial set up? this is why i don’t feel comfortable shooting with them in a studio setup. Studio shots miss what i’m looking for. They don’t tell stories!

imaging_-24Shooting in Natural light is more challenging. Making memorable pictures while i follow the kids blowing bubbles, staring at a dandelion or talking to their dolls, is more challenging than putting them up against a standard background. i feel more rewarded with the results. i do have a vision of how i want my shots to look. i do modify the natural backgrounds, almost stage it and then let the children or families have fun.

Every session is different. you can expect anywhere from 1-2 hours for a session. when it comes to children,i’m not a typical photographer. i will help the most shy ones face the camera and enjoy being around it. Sessions are relaxed and designed to capture your family’s love and spirit.
i like to spend time with the families few days before the shoot, to understand what they are looking for, to discuss the details, such as location ideas, styling that you are looking for, amount of time your session will take, and ideas on what you would like to wear.

imaging_-22My youtube channel is yet another avenue to help you to feel more prepared to face the camera and your pictures better on the day of the photoshoot. So, Subscribing to “Blushwithme-Parmita” is highly recommended.

Talking about makeup, makeup impacts the overall look of your images. My “Blush with Me – Makeup videos” should give you good knowledge of makeup for photoshoots. That said, i still have clients who just aren’t skilled enough to do it themselves or don’t have the right makeup. Well, in that case we do provide, make-up services. Since i Happened to be National Makeup Artist with THE BOBBY BROWN in my past, trust me you are in good hands. Btw, don’t miss my Gallery of Before and After makeup pictures. and that should answer your question about “why do i need makeup”. if you are planning on wearing good clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair, then there is no reason to skip MAKEUP. Remember, these pictures are going to be on your wall for a long time and your memories forever.

I absolutely LOVE each and every aspect of the art of photography, and I will put my heart and soul into each photograph I take of you and your loved ones.

Blush With Me
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